Stroke Strike? Don't Panic.

>> Ahad, November 29, 2009

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Stroke : Blocked blood supply (O2) to the brain.
What stroke does: Prevents a particular body function.
Causes of stroke : Thrombosis (blot clot) or embolism (blocked artery) anywhere in the body causing ischaemia (lack of O2 supply) to the brain.

When stroke strikes, the brain capillaries will gradually burst. So when stroke occurs, stay calm. All you need to do is to help ease the blood flow in the victim's system. You need a syringe and needle to do this. But in case of emergency sewing needle or a straight pin will do. So, keep a set of syringe and needle in your medicine box in case of emergency. Don't forget this instruction.

  • When stroke strikes, don’t panic. Do not move the victim. Moving the victim may cause the brain capillaries to burst.

  • Place the needle over fire to sterilise. Use the needle to prick the tips of all 10 fingers. There is no specific point, just about 1 mm near the finger nail till blood comes out. If the blood doesn’t come out, squeeze it. The victim will most time regain consciousness when all 10 digits bleed.

  • If the victim’s mouth is crooked, pull on their ears until they are red. Then prick each lobe twice until 2 or more drops of blood come out from the earlobe. The victim should regain consciousness.

  • Wait until the victim regains his normal state before taking him to the hospital.

Note: A bumpy ride to the hospital when the victim is unconscious may cause more capillaries in the brain to burst. No CPR for stroke. It can make matters worse.
Save a life.

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